How much does a raven weigh?

How much does a raven weigh is an interesting question for schoolchildren who want to know more facts about this common bird.

Let’s find out how much does a raven weigh.

How much does a raven weigh?

The adult raven weighs 0,69 – 2 kg. The weight depends on species and gender.

Male ravens are slightly larger than females. The family consists of more than 120 different species of birds, represented almost on all continents.

What do ravens eat in nature?

Raven eats almost everything edible that can catch or find. They eat both plant and animal food: insects and other invertebrates, eggs of other birds, small mammals, berries, fruits and seeds of plants. It is often eaten by scavengers. Some species are well adapted to life in populated areas and eat the waste of human food.

Interesting facts about ravens

  • Ravens are monogamous by nature. Growing up and leaving the parental home, they huddle with the other ravens and look for their other half. And once their “victim” is found, they live together for the rest of their lives.
  • Ravens are able to easily solve the logical problems of a 5-year-old child’s development level.
  • Contrary to popular belief that Ravens live more than a century, it is not so. Like parrots, they can reach the age of 70-75 years.

More Interesting facts about ravens 

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