How much water do guinea pigs drink?

In the natural environment, guinea pigs consume little liquid, because they eat mostly moist, juicy herbs.

And at home, the necessary moisture is replenished with fruits and vegetables. And yet, water is necessary for them. It is important to know how much guinea pig drinks. 

Norm of water for guinea pig

About 250 ml is enough for one pet. Although, as a rule, there is no certain dose. Each pet eats as much fluid as it needs, depending on age and nutrition. The main thing is that there is not enough.

You should put a drinker in the cage, preferably a special ball or rod, which differ in the type of valve. There is no difference, it’s just that the former is more popular. You should also pay attention to the mountings. Plastic mounts, which are attached to the grid, are the best option. There are also on suction cups and wire. But they have their disadvantages: the first ones are not securely held, while others create noise during drinking.

They do not recommend pouring water just in a bowl. Running, the beast can easily turn it over, get wet, and catch a cold.

Females, who wait for babies and feed them, drink more than usual. Often, leftovers of food get into the water and it spoils quickly. Therefore, it must be changed daily. It is possible to use filtered, non-carbonated bottles, but the temperature should be roomy. You can boil the water, cool it down to the right degrees, and then pour it. Raw tap water even settled water is not suitable for drinking.

Some owners see that the beast does not need and stop giving water. But you can’t do this. All guinea pigs need to drink, some few, some more. Lack of liquid in the diet can lead to malfunction of the internal organs of the pet. 

Why do guinea pigs drink a lot of water?

Reasons why guinea pig drinks a lot of water. It may have a temperature. Another thirsty motive is that for a long time in the food there is dry food: kernels, hay, and not enough fresh herbs and vegetables in the diet.

In domestic conditions, especially in winter, when the air becomes dry due to heating, the animals may have an increased need to drink.

It happens that the mumps drinks water just to occupy themselves with something. In this case, you should put the drinker only for a while.

Optionally, the drinker leaks. Or, if a small cage, the rodent may consume water from nothing to do. So, you need to change it to a more spacious one, to see the sawdust under the drinker, if it is not wet. Sometimes the mumps drinks carelessly, spilling a little water.

The cause of a large amount of drinking can be stress. If the mumps have recently appeared in the apartment and the situation is new and unusual for them.

What to do if the guinea pig drinks a lot of water

Drinking a lot is not harmful. Pigs differ from other rodents in that they drink a lot of liquid and cope with their needs, especially if there is not enough juicy food. But it often happens that the animals just spill water – accidentally or during a jogging race. To avoid this, you should put a ceramic stand under the drinker spout, pour filler on the bottom of the cell and cover with sawdust.

And do not worry that your pet drinks a lot. If the beast is healthy, it regulates the norm of its drinking. More juicy food in the diet will reduce the amount of drunk. 

How much guinea pigs should drink water

Many fans of this cute animal are concerned about this question. But in principle, there is nothing to do and that is why. In nature, guinea pigs do not consume much water, because they eat mostly wet food in the form of juicy herbs.

And at home, the volume of water is replenished by fruits and vegetables.

And yet the cage should always have water, clean and fresh. It is desirable to change the water daily. The animal itself understands how much to drink water and when. For one pig it is enough to drink about 250 ml. of water.

Why the guinea pig may not drink water?

A Guinea pig can refuse to drink water if the diet has been changed or added more fresh vegetables, fruits, and fresh juicy greens. Also, the reason for water abandonment may be the winter period, it has long been noticed that during the cold season, the rodent consumes less fluid than in summer. 

Recently bought mumps may also give up water, food, and little movement. There is nothing to do with it, because the animal is in a state of tension due to the reaction to an unfamiliar environment, to which it has yet to get used, and giving up water is a natural reflex.

To help your pet adapt more quickly, you can put hay next to the bowl so that it can hide in the bowl and not be afraid of the environment.

Dry grass should not only be used as a shelter, it is the primary food of the mumps and should be present throughout the year. The optimal norm of hay for one piggy should be about 60 grams (1 cup) per day. As a juicy food can be used carrots, apples, beets, cucumbers, and other fruits and vegetables.

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