Interesting facts about dingoes

The dingo looks like another representative of the family Canidae – a hound.

It has a tightened muscular figure. Her head is square, big fangs, ears junkie, and long fluffy tail. The wool is red-brown, short, but thick. On the abdomen and face wool, there is a lighter shade. These are not all interesting facts about dingoes.

The dingo is inhabited in Australia and the south-east of Asia. In the Australian steppes, a dingo catches rabbits, birds, reptiles, and attacks a kangaroo. Asian dogs live near people and eat mostly food scraps. This review presents the most interesting facts about dingoes.

7 facts about dingoes

  1. The history of dingo appearances in Australia is full of mysteries. It is believed that dogs were brought to the continent by humans, and then abandoned. Dingoes adapted to local conditions and were feral.
  2. Dogs have high intelligence. It is very careful, rarely falls into traps, and bypasses the poisoned bait. It is tamed badly.
  3. An Australian dingo reaches half a meter in height, its body length is one meter, and more, its tail looks like a fox – its length is more than 25 cm. Weight can reach 24 kg. Asian dingoes are much smaller than their brothers.
  4. Dingoes prefer to live on forest edges, in bush thickets, in semi-desert places. The lair is located not far from the pond. It goes hunting at night.
  5. Dingo cubs are born once a year (6-8 puppies). They eat their mother’s milk until 3 months. And then they eat the food burped by the mother and other representatives of the pack. After five months, the offspring hunt together with the pack.
  6. Dingoes are often crossed with domestic dogs. Progeny turns out to be more fertile and aggressive.
  7. In a family pack of dingoes, there are 3 to 10 individuals, which are grouped around the dominant pair. Each family has a protected area.

Top 3 most interesting facts about dingoes

  1. Dingoes are tireless hunters. They can chase the victim for hours while developing a speed of about 55 km / h.
  2. Australian dogs attack flocks of sheep. Once in the herd, they cut out as much as they can before a man appears. Farmers consider dingoes enemies and shoot them off. Dogs are hunted both alone and in packs.
  3. Dingoes, unlike ordinary dogs, do not know how to bark. They squeal, growl, or howl.

More interesting facts about dingoes

If someone in the dingo family, in addition to the dominant female, gives birth to cubs, the alpha-female kills them. But its offspring protects itself amusedly. Once she only feels something suspicious at the lair, she will immediately move the cubs to another safe place.

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