Interesting facts about dragonflies

Today we will tell you interesting facts about dragonflies.

Swift-winged predators, dragonflies look like some kind of futuristic helicopter. Nature has perfectly adapted them for one purpose: to hunt, to swiftly attack, and to tear their prey apart with lightning speed. We are fortunate that they are all compact in size, and there are no giant species among them that can pose a danger to humans.

Interesting facts about dragonflies

  1. They are able to see both in the normal visual spectrum and in the ultraviolet spectrum.
  2. Though dragonflies flap their wings slower than many other insects (about 30 flaps per second), they fly very fast and also change their direction in a flash, so their victims have almost no chance to escape from them.
  3. The structure of a dragonfly’s fly-like faceted eye is unique. It allows them to focus on specific prey, even if it is a tiny fly surrounded by hundreds of congeners.
  4. Only the lower part of the dragonfly’s eyes distinguishes colors, while their upper segments see everything in the black and white spectrum. However, they still see colors differently, not at all as we do.
  5. In Japanese culture, the dragonfly symbolizes fearlessness and courage.
  6. The lifespan of dragonflies after developing from their previous phase, the imago, varies from species to species. Some live a long time, while others live only a few weeks.
  7. Dragonfly larvae live in water. Adult dragonflies lay eggs on the leaves of aquatic plants, and the larvae drop down as they hatch from the eggs.
  8. Dragonflies sometimes land somewhere, but they do so exceptionally rarely. They fly most of their lives without feeling tired.
  9. They actively hunt mosquitoes, which are easy prey.
  10. They usually tear their prey apart and devour it within seconds of catching it.
  11. The world’s first dragonfly sanctuary appeared in the UK in 2009.
  12. Dragonfly larvae can live without problems in both fresh water and saltwater.
  13. Going through the life cycle “larva – imago – dragonfly”, this insect molts up to seventeen times.
  14. Dragonfly larvae spend up to two years in the water before they come ashore and move on to the next phase of life.
  15. The unique eyes of these insects consist of nearly 30 thousand segments, and the dragonfly’s viewing angle is only a little short of a 360-degree circle.
  16. Some dragonflies, like migratory birds, migrate considerable distances. One of their species, the red wading dragonfly, is a record-breaker among all insects in this respect, covering a distance of up to 6-7 thousand kilometers during migration.
  17. Unlike most other “flyers”, dragonflies can fly in any direction, even sideways, even forward, even backward.
  18. All dragonfly species have four wings, and this insect can fly each of them individually.
  19. Their jaws are razor-sharp. But they are too small to bite a human.
  20. In nature, dragonflies live on every continent except Antarctica.
  21. On average, scientists discover about twenty new dragonfly species every year. In total, they are now known for more than 6.5 thousand species.
  22. On average, only one out of twenty dragonfly attacks is unsuccessful.


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