Interesting facts about lemurs

Lemurs are mammals of the order Primates.

Their habitat is extremely limited; lemurs are found only in Madagascar and Comoros. However, such a small habitat has not affected the amazing diversity of these animals. There are other interesting facts about lemurs.

It is believed that since isolated Madagascar has not been penetrated by other monkeys, lemurs in its diversity have occupied all available ecological niches. These are small animals with an elongated muzzle, which resembles a fox in some way. The visiting card of lemurs is a big little bit of eyes, usually in yellow or nut color. We have collected the most interesting facts about lemurs.

7 facts about lemurs

  1. There are more than 100 types of lemurs, differing from each other by their behavior and external characteristics.
  2. The largest among them is the Indri lemur. Its height can reach 1 meter and weight – 10 kilograms.
  3. Dwarf mouse lemurs, on the contrary, are the smallest of the known species. They do not outgrow the mark of 23 centimeters and weigh only 50 grams.
  4. This species was first described back in 1852, but it was not possible to find them again until the end of the twentieth century.
  5. According to research, extinct species of lemurs were not so modest in size. Their weight could reach 200 kilograms!
  6. Earlier, it was considered that all lemurs were night animals. However, now scientists have made sure that species differ in their activity during the day and some prefer to stay awake during the day.
  7. In dry weather, lemurs adapted to extract water from cacti, having previously rid them of thorns.

TOP-3 most interesting facts about lemurs

  1. The blue-eyed black lemur is a unique type of apes. It is the only holder of blue eyes.
  2. Dwarf lemurs are so small that they quietly eat nectar, pollen, and resin.
  3. Lemurs are quite sounding animals, but the most outstanding vocalist is rightly recognized Indri. Scientists attribute this to the fact that this species has a very short tail, which it can not use for communication.

More interesting facts about lemurs

An interesting legend is connected with the appearance of the species name. The specific sounds that lemurs exchange with each other resemble the screams of children. History says that when ancient Roman sailors arrived in Madagascar, hearing the voices of the lemurs, they thought they heard children crying and went to the rescue.

In the thickets, the brave sailors found not children, but strange creatures with huge yellow eyes. Having decided that these creatures took the crying children, the sailors called them lemurs, which means “evil spirits” in ancient Roman.

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