Interesting facts about penguins love

The living conditions of penguins are not easy.

Antarctica is a dark, cold, deserted place. A human foot does not go here. For most organisms, hurricane wind and frost -70° C is not normal! But the penguins quickly inhabited the icy deserts. So how do they manage to withstand the terrible cold? The answer is simple – fat. A layer of fat is in polar birds almost 10 cm thick. Also, thanks to a special iron, the bird greases the feathers, providing insulation from the wind.

Penguins eat small sea creatures: fish, squid, krill – all this is part of the diet of the polar inhabitant. In diving and swimming under the water, penguins have no equal among birds. As a rule, even their enemies – sea leopards and killer whales can not maneuver in the water so rapidly. But on land, penguins lose their confidence.

Penguins are so extreme that they are ready twice a year to make a march-throw in more than one hundred kilometers. And all to feed their son-basket. But about this further.

Penguins are very social. They live in huge colonies of several thousand individuals. Penguins, as well as dolphins, are of the same kind. Their family is not able to break up anything. Even if a male is lost or dies, the female will “mourn” for a long time. And there is no way that the male does not use his love. A couple of penguins will always stay close to each other, and the separation is much harder than people, their love exceeds all expectations.

Adult penguins look the same. But this does not prevent a male from finding his female among them and forming a monogamous pair with her for life (which lasts up to 25 years). And the partners never get mixed up and find each other every time among the colony of several thousand congeners by voice.

The male of African penguin expresses love by gently stroking the female on the head.

As a result of flaming love one single egg becomes. It is taken care of by the male. The daddy keeps the baby in a special abdominal bag, protecting and keeping him warm. Penguins hatch eggs one by one, and during the hatching do not eat anything, so a free parent goes to the sea for food, despite their gender. There is such a kind of penguin as Emperor penguin. Just at them hatching eggs is engaged exclusively male, as the female a couple of hours after laying eggs for about 2 months goes to eat in the sea, hungry for about 45-50 days. The female returns just in time for the hatching of eggs, after which the male, exhausted and exhausted without a female, goes also to the sea foraging.

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