Interesting facts about scorpions

Scorpions are ideal predators, resilient, ruthless, and deadly.

Today we will tell you interesting facts about scorpions.

Interesting facts about scorpions

  1. The number of eyes in a scorpion varies from six to twelve, depending on the species.
  2. Little scorpions travel on their mother’s back until they grow up.
  3. Scorpions do not drink water – they get enough moisture from the food they eat. But in case of a forced hunger strike, they still begin to drink water.
  4. Without food, they can do it for up to one and a half or two years.
  5. All scorpions are poisonous without exception, but not all of them have poison strong enough to be dangerous for humans or large animals.
  6. These creatures are found on all continents except Antarctica.
  7. They were the first arthropods, which many hundreds of millions of years ago escaped from the sea to land.
  8. The size of the fossil ancestors of marine scorpions is impressive – they reached a length of one meter.
  9. In ultraviolet light, many species of scorpions glow slightly.
  10. In the case of nuclear war, cockroaches, contrary to the popular myth, will not survive, but scorpions – very likely. They are capable of carrying without danger a dose of radiation thousand times more lethal for you and me.
  11. Scorpions prefer a hot climate, but they are also found in the mountains at an altitude of up to five kilometers. They live even on the slopes of Everest.
  12. The size of the smallest scorpions does not exceed one and a half centimeters, and the largest – more than 20 cm.
  13. All scorpions, without exception, prefer to lead a nightlife.
  14. They crawl well on the walls, they can climb even the window of the apartment, located on the second or third floor.
  15. People are afraid of scorpions, but fortunately, it is mutual – they prefer to settle far away from us, and attack people only if the person is too close.
  16. Their eyesight is very weak, but they feel very fine vibrations of air and soil.
  17. A scorpion that goes hunting only attacks a prey that is not bigger than its size – the one it can eat.
  18. Locked in close space with each other, scorpions often kill and eat their own congeners.
  19. In total, there are about 1500 species of these creatures in the world.
  20. Bees kill more people every year than scorpions.
  21. The hotter the climate, the more poisonous scorpions live in these parts.
  22. They live up to 20-25 years.
  23. Sometimes after mating, the female scorpion kills and eats the male.
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