Interesting facts about the mongoose

The mongoose is a mammal predatory animal.

A separate family of mongoose was separated from the family of weavers. It is not the largest animal. Its body length usually does not exceed 75 cm and weighs only 1 to 5 kg. It looks like a ferret: it has a sharp-nosed muzzle and small ears. There are other interesting facts about the mongoose.

The mongooses are common in Asia and Africa. In culture, the animal became famous thanks to the story of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi about the struggle of the brave mongoose with the royal cobras. We collected the most interesting facts about the mongoose.

7 facts about the mongoose

  1. In nature, the collision of mongooses with snakes rarely ends with a beating. Mongooses come into battle only in extreme cases.
  2. The bite of a poisonous snake for the mongoose is fatal. The animal has no immunity to the poison.
  3. Mongoose-crabbing mongoose is the longest among its congeners. The length of its body can reach 85 cm.
  4. The smallest species is called the dwarf mongoose. Its weight does not exceed 350 g. These mongooses are very vulnerable and prefer to live in groups.
  5. Water mongoose likes to live near swamps and other bodies of water. It is a good swimmer and is distributed mainly in the Gambia.
  6. The mongoose is happy to destroy the bird’s nest. He has adapted to break eggs with powerful kicks with his hind legs.
  7. The color of wool can be either yellow or reddish, or dark gray or brown. The wool itself is long, sometimes diluted with scallops or sagging.

TOP 3 most interesting facts about the mongoose

  1. The mongooses were brought to Hawaii to reduce the population of poisonous snakes living there. However, the mongooses found alternative sources of food and did not contact such dangerous opponents.
  2. Judging by the description given in Kipling’s book to the famous Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, it belongs to the Indian gray Mungo. Although there are still debates on this subject.
  3. If the females of striped mongoose live in the same flock, they give birth to calves almost simultaneously. Probably, this helps protect the offspring from killing the cubs by the dominant female.

More interesting facts about the mongoose

In Central India, the mongoose is revered as sacred animals. There, tame species of mongooses are part of the household. In South Asia, the mongooses are often kept as pets.

Mongooses easily make friendships with people. Tame animals are very tactile. They rub on their feet or take a nap on their owner’s lap, curled up in a ball. In captivity, the life expectancy of the animal is 12-13 years.

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