Interesting maned wolf facts

The maned wolf got its name thanks to the Greek language and is translated as “red or golden dog”.

And indeed, in the photo, you can see a fox rather than a wolf. It is a graceful redhead with long legs, black boots, and a smart face. Despite its harmless appearance, it is a predatory animal. The wool is very fluffy and frequent with a reddish color and dark tanning.  In moments of danger becomes on the neck of the tube vertically, thus fully justifying the name of the animal. It is a good camouflage while hunting. There are other interesting facts about the maned wolf.

The beast hunts small rodents, birds, fish, clams. If in its area of interest are farms, small lambs, pigs, and domestic chickens can become prey. In the dry months, wolves are united in packs. But by its nature, it is a single animal. Males are always more active than females. They communicate with each other by howling, mostly at night, telling their congeners who is the owner of the area. A she-wolf gives birth to two to seven wolves, both parents are involved in the upbringing of calves. We have collected for you the most interesting facts about maned wolves.

 7 facts about the maned wolf

  1. Despite its resemblance to a fox, the animal is not related to either foxes or wolves. But as a predator maned wolf is well versed in the techniques of hunting prey and ambush attacks.
  2. The jaws are poorly developed, so small food is swallowed entirely, and in the diet there is vegetation. It eats local fruits and berries with pleasure.
  3. maned wolf has paws of different lengths: the front ones are shorter than the back ones. This body structure allows you to easily run up a mountain while hunting. Long paws perfectly allow you to see the terrain.
  4. The maned wolf habitat is only South America. It prefers flat areas with a temperate climate.
  5. Babies are born with black wool and with the same length of limbs. But in the process of growth legs acquire an inherent species for the animal.
  6. It has a specific smell of hemp. This is a deterrent factor in the habitats, but at the same time attracts a certain category of visitors in zoos.
  7. If you need to dig a hole, it uses not the front paws, but only teeth. Probably because of the lack of training of their feet, mane wolf is not considered a good runner.

Top 3 most interesting facts about the maned wolf

  1. The highest among the representatives of the family of dogs in South America. The height in the crest reaches 77-85 cm. Long paws help to track down prey in thick and high grass.
  2. In nature, wolves live alone, except for the mating period. But even during this time they hunt and sleep in different places. Their life expectancy is up to 17 years in the wild. In zoos live from 10 to 12 years.
  3. One of the ancient species. The maned wolf ran and hunted near mammoths.

Maned wolf: natural enemies, population

Until now, no natural enemies of the animal are known. Its main enemy is considered to be man, because of its activities – deforestation, reducing the area and the usual places of hunting. Farmers take the most clever ways to protect livestock and pastures from the raids of redheaded neighbors. Animals also suffer at the hands of poachers. Residents have a belief that the eyes, skin, and tail of the animal are gifted with magic. They make various potions, amulets, and just souvenirs for tourists. Curiously, but a man is not attacked by a wolf.

The habitat of the four-legged south and north of South America. In Brazil, the number has decreased to 2000 individuals. The population density – for 300 km one animal is found. Therefore, Brazil and Argentina have adopted a law prohibiting wolf hunting. In the International Red List, this species is marked as “an endangered species”.

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