Milk bone dog treats reviews

Treat your favorite furry friend to delicious dog snacks made with real bone marrow.

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks dog treats combine the exciting taste of bone marrow with the crunchy, yummy texture of a biscuit, for unique dog snacks your canine companion will love. With two layers of meaty crunch, Milk-Bone MaroSnacks bone marrow dog treats also deliver tasty nutrition, including calcium to help maintain strong teeth and bones. Because they contain just 10 calories each, they make ideal dog training treats, yet they also make a great everyday dog snack or treat. Milk-Bone MaroSnacks dog treats are suitable for dogs of all sizes, and they can be broken into smaller pieces for smaller dogs or more frequent treating if you prefer. Even when you give a small piece, it’s sure to spark big joy in your dog. Go ahead, grab a pack today, and watch your best bud’s eyes light up.

Milk bone dog treats review 1

I find it harder and harder to find my favorite snacks and treats at Wallmart during the pandemic. Thankfully Amazon has these snacks. Sure they cost twice as much as what they should at the corner store but I just can’t live without their crunchy goodness. Why should price be an option when I can purchase convivence and freedom! Stuffing my mouth with all this crunchy sweet goodness makes the whole in my wallet worth every penny spent. Best of all they have more calcium and vitamin D than a glass of milk. Which is perfect for -someone who is lactose intolerant like me. The only negative is that I wish they could state these are gluten free as I try to maintain a Keto diet but am willing to cheat for these snacks. Thank you and Bone-appetite.

Milk bone dog treats review 2

Having a large gang of dogs means that I buy a LOT of treats! My gang has some favorites and these are right up there! They are very small and I like that! They are small enough even for a chihuahua. If you have a dog with some dental issues, look no further! Even puny humans can crack or crush these easily.

They arrived in the container with a freshness seal on the lid. We’ve been dishing them out for about a month now and they are still fresh. My gang gobbles them like M&M’s. They love the exterior but go really crazy for the interior.

I highly recommend as a training treat or even for a regular daily snack. How many you give depends on the size of the dog and your wallet.

Milk bone dog treats review 3

Im reviewing this for both my subscription service and the treats itself…

1. Amazon subscription service is great! Especially for dog items! Food and treats! You set up how many times you want delivery and quantity and payment. Forget about and it gets delivered as needed! The best part of it is that I don’t have to haul heavy bags of food from the store!! Also you can make changes as you need, and order immediately if you need. So for necessary stuff, that you replenish on the regular… subscription all the way!

2. This treat, all my dogs love! We have 4 dogs: maltipoo, malshi, shepard mix, and pitbull mix. And all these dogs have their own personality and likes and dislikes. One of the doggies is pretty picky. But happy to report, they all love this treat! And its a great training treat! The bucket is nice, it keeps it nice airtight sealed and fresh!

Milk bone dog treats review 4

My dog absolutely loves it! I’ve been looking for a good quality dog treat that’s also economical because my pup deserves only the best (that I can afford on my sad college student budget). He’s a small, 15lb dachshund-terrier-chihuahua mix and inhales small treats so I worry he’ll choke on the ones meant for his size and I’d have to perform the heimlich on the tiny thing. So instead, I bought the Large size which are about the size of his paw and takes him a while to chew through. He loves chewing on things since he’s still young so getting this size was perfect. No more inhaling treats, chewing through my stuff, and it keeps him busily happy. The box is huge and I got it at an amazing price compared to in-store and the option for his size were more expensive anyway so I recommend looking through all the sizes for the cheapest one because they always change regardless of the product size/weight.

Milk bone dog treats review 5

My two dogs absolutely love this healthy barrel of snacks. They come looking for their treats as part of their daily routine, and stand and wait for their “treat” when I let them in from their outside time. They are the perfect size for my Shiba Inu and Pit Bull. I like that they are not just a snack, but nutritious as well. My Shiba Inu is 14 years old and benefits from the extra calcium for his senior/mature bones. Thumbs up for Milk-Bone MaroSnacks, a good choice for those important members of your family. I won’t be caught without them-have them on auto-delivery. I made this purchase using my own funds-didn’t have a coupon or a discount code. I definitely would spend the money all over again. It is worth it!

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Milk bone dog treats review 6

Milk-Bone Marosnacks Dog Snacks are the answer for your small pups who are older and have gum and tooth problems. This treat is tasty and easy for my Chihuahua to eat. I marked tasty because she is always anxious to eat this snack when she hears me jiggle the container. I, myself have not tasted them_ :~)
These treats are sent in a large size and the Amazon cost is much less than the packages I can purchase at specialty stores that sell in bulk. Your dog will love you when you offer the Marosnack dog bone treat. As a Prime member, I purchase my dog food and treats as “subscribe & save,” which gives me a discount and free home delivery. The discount mounts up to pay for my Amazon Prime TV membership!
By the way, the dogs love to watch the pet shows on Amazon TV!

Milk bone dog treats review 7

My dog’s absolute favorite treat that he never gets sick of. They are like small bite size candy bars for your pup. I have had many dogs and no one has ever turned down one of these. They do not taste like Milkbones. They have just the right softness consistency for older or small dogs. They are perfect for any size adult dog. Puppies probably not because of a choking hazard and also they shouldn’t be getting such a big treat that age. I have trained many generations of dog and this is always a hit! Not sure what to spend your treat money on. This is a perfect choice.

Milk bone dog treats review 8

My dogs keep going in and out to get more treats.
To explain, my dogs get treats when they come back in from doing their business and being outside. They are used to this routine which happened lime 3 times a day. That is, before I got these treats. Now they beg to go out and literally go out for like 30 seconds then come back in begging for treats. I assume they are fresh and taste good, although my dog eats my cats poo as well. Anyhow they last a while too at 2 treats for 3 dogs 3-4 times a day! I will be buying again.

Milk bone dog treats review 9

I’m a gourmet chef, and my dogs are used to getting everything from fresh organic veggies to filet mignon. One of my dogs would rather starve to death than eat a hot dog. And yet…
when I toss him one of these treats he goes CRAZY! Jumps around it. Tosses it around and plays with it for a minute or two before finally settling down to eat it. He gets premium chicken jerky and other treats but does not do this with any of them.
So… this is not MY review. This is his. 😉

Milk bone dog treats review 10

Everyone loves spoiling their dogs, but treats at the store can be pretty pricey. I have paid more for way less & they were off brand treats. My dog(Paisley) is an Australian Shepherd mix (adopted from animal shelter) so she is a decent size & she goes absolutely nuts for these treats, so I’m guessing that’s her way of telling me that they taste super yummy(& I’m just going to take her word on it😂). I use treats to train her, or to refresh her training, so no need to worry about her gaining weight if she gets more than 1.

Milk bone dog treats review 11

When our dogs were just pups we enrolled them (and us) in puppy class. The trainer explained how he had trained his boxer to know where her “spot” in the classroom was – a simple repetition of putting treats in that spot when she was out of the room and letting her discover it on her own. It needed to be a treat she liked, and he said it didn’t take long. These treats are just the right size and have proven his technique to be reliable. Our dogs now both know where their “spot” is – because from time to time when they are outside and don’t see me, I put one of these in their spot and let them find it when they come back in.

Milk bone dog treats review 12

Have given my fur baby 2 of these after breakfast every day,
My fur baby loves them ♥
They are fresh and crisp.
This large jar lasts her a long and the screw on top keeps them fresh.
Don’t know about the flavor. Haven’t tasted them. Too hard for me !
The Value for money is Great !!
Thank you, Amazon, for having these ♥♥♥
I Love Amazon ♥

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