Rare white lions were born in a lion park in Crimea

The park owner said the animals are feeling good.

A couple of rare white lions, a male, and a female were born at Taigan Lion Park in Belogorsky district of Crimea on March 29, 2019, said the park owner Oleg Zubkov.

The white lions are considered the rarest in the world. In total, there are no more than 300 of them. The reason for the birth of individuals with such color is considered to be genetic disease – leukemia, which causes a lighter color of wool than ordinary lions. Scientists do not classify white lions as either a separate subspecies or albinoes.

“Our white lions have an increase in the family of Milady and Rocky. The lioness brought two cubs, a girl, and a boy. They feel good, they are with their mother,” Zubkov said.

“It’s always an event, because there are very few of them in the world, only about three hundred, so the birth of white lions is a great joy,” said the agency interlocutor. Zubkov also reported that the Crimean park has one of the largest number of white lions in the world, more than 20 individuals.

The Taigan Lions Park is the largest lion and other animals nursery in Europe, mainly large mammals. At the moment more than 70 lions, over 50 tigers and hundreds of other animals, including bears, camels, leopards, and giraffes, live freely in the park. The nursery is located in the Belogorsk district of Crimea, on the bank of the Taiga reservoir. It occupies 32 hectares, about 20 hectares are reserved for safari park lions, the rest of the territory is stationary and children’s zoo.

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