The bear got in the car to the mother of a fearless man

At night on November 20, a clubfoot predator climbed into a car in search of food, committed defeat, and was filmed on video by the restless son of the car owner, the Daily Mail writes.

Andres Dean, a Canadian, got a call from his mother, who said the alarm went off in her car. He went to see what caused it. When the man opened the trunk, he saw a bear chewing on the upholstery in the backseat and started filming the scene on video.

“Oh, there’s a bear in your car,” Andres told his mother in a casual tone. – That’s not good.”

On the soundtrack of the video you hear a woman ask, “How the hell did it get there?”

The son suggested that the beast probably opened the door on its own.

“Your car is badly damaged,” he continued, and the animal started chewing on its seatbelt.

What happened to the clubfoot after meeting Dean is unknown. There was no food in the car, and the salon was recently vacuumed. Maybe the animal found food somewhere else. 

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