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PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills – Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter – 3-Pack

Each tray is pre-full of Costs blue crystal pet cat litter, the disposable PetSafe ScoopFree Original Crystal Cat Clutter Tray deals with PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Trash Boxes. Simply fill the tray in the cat can with no scooping, cleaning or refilling for weeks! The crystal feline clutter soaks up urine as well as dries strong waste rapidly to get rid of odors. With the Entirely non-reusable tray and covered waste trap, you never ever see or touch stinky waste! Every few weeks merely replace the feline clutter tray and your ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Pet Cat Can is much like brand-new. PetSafe brand is here to help you and also your family pet lives satisfied together.

Consumer reviews

Review #1

These refills are costly, roughly $15 a pop. With that said said, we have 2 felines and simply moved from a large home right into a townhouse and also I enjoy this product. With our home, we were able to keep the litter box in our garage considering that we set up a feline door however that’s not possible in the townhouse. We’ve been using these trash tray refills for 5 weeks. We established the ScoopFree litter box with a separately purchased scrap rug to accumulate any kind of loosened blue trash crystals from the litter tray. The refill trays themselves are no brainers to set up – merely lift the kitty box real estate (it’s tidy …), take the lid consisted of with the brand-new refill tray and also utilize it to cover the old tray (absolutely no odor!) and after that placed the new tray in the exact same spot as the old tray as well as reduced the housing in place. (I make use of heavy-duty tape to tape the cover onto the old tray so that when I toss it into the trash dumpster the litter does not splash all over.) One of these trays lasts us regarding 8 days (with 2 cats). They can use package 35 times (counter on the can) before we notice ANY smell whatsoever. I dislike can and also this is a wonderful product!!! Incidentally, I bought my ScoopFree Can for $200.00 at my regional, huge chain family pet shop after that located it online at for under $100.00.

Review #2

My children begged me to allow them to have a feline. My partner guaranteed they would take care of every little thing. So we got a pet cat. After a couple of months, they tired of their duties and now this cat relies upon me for everything. Every self-cleaning can I got damaged after a few months. I check out the reviews on PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Feline Can and it seemed promising. Our 3 years of an age pet cat is required to it immediately. It has tremendously lightened the concern of being a cat caregiver. I change out the litter as soon as a month. Best of all, the can have lasted several years and also it’s still going solid.

Review #3

This was the most effective financial investment I’ve produced my pet cats! I keep it in a little previously owned bathroom and transform the tray as soon as a week. I have 3 pet cats and a kid that rarely sees!

It deserves money for me !!!

After months they still damage to cover their business sometimes. Yet it’s not a concern.

Works excellent today I need to get it set up to send me a 3 pack every 3 months instantly.

They were reluctant at first so I kept their box there next to it for several weeks. Someday the old box was just gone and some (unclean) sand was in this new box. No accidents. Not a problem. They transitioned fine.

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My only issue is the sharp sides on heaven crystals. Need to put on sandals!

Review #4

I have had several cats, over the years, as well as constantly despised (and also therefore overlooked) cleaning the litterbox. Until NOW!

Sure, there are any variety of less costly means to accumulate as well as dispose of pet cat waste. Could not be simpler to switch out the trays. It took about 3 weeks for my well-fed-year-old male pet cat to “make use of” up one tray. The crystals had started to look yellow and also the collection box was complete to the point that little particles weren’t totally clear. Nonetheless, there was no smell even when I removed the tray for replacement.

I made use of “Yesterdays News” clutter made from recycled newspaper previously and also like it because there was no dust or smell. The crystals seem to be an enhancement.

UPDATE: After using this for 3 months I have become a bit much more diligent regarding cleaning up “regular” and also consequently the crystals last much longer. I additionally acquired the bags of crystals, which are less expensive than the full replacement trays. I saved among the original trays and have actually recycled it three or four times without any unfavorable impacts. I do not understand my pet cat however I understand I am ruined as well as would certainly have a difficult time going back to an open littler box and scooping daily. Six Stars!

Review #5

Initially, let me say that the automatic, self-cleaning cat can is an absolute blessing.

The cat box litter tray refills work perfectly. They can be found in packages of 3 – every one lasts for 4 WEEKS with nary a smell. None. Ever before. At the end of 4 weeks, the tray slides easily into a trash can for disposal, and also the new one slides right in. No mess no fuss.

Initially glimpse the refills may appear to be expensive – yet 3 months of almost any routine kitty clutter costs about the very same – and the routine cat litter isn’t provided right to your door like clockwork (more affordable with the membership, BTW) without having to also give it a thought. I’ve been in a lot of homes where felines live and have actually noticed that regardless of exactly how tidy the owner is and exactly how typically the litter is cleaned/changed there is usually an odor, sometimes faint as well as others not a lot. With this system, there is definitely no odor. Highly recommend this trash!

Review #6

I use to make use of the Forever Tray but got connected to scratching urine saturated crystal dirt from it and also needing to soak and also scrub the tray with vinegar to remove urine accumulate whenever I altered the litter. As a mommy of a disabled grown-up kid, I am regularly cleansing and sterilizing and also I needed to make part of my jobs a little much easier in my life:-RRB- so I determined to splurge on these, and also I’m so grateful I did!!! They secure with the litter box well as well as most importantly no leaks or scratching anymore! Likewise good is the “used” tray fits nicely in a 13 girl trash can which has all the mess as well as makes it simple to move it to the garbage can outside.

If you need to make your life a little simpler- get these!!!! 

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