The best cities for pet owners

The European cities, in which the owners of pets are the most comfortable to stay, have been determined.

This rating is compiled annually by the major British online service, evaluating the places according to eight criteria. In particular, the number of veterinary clinics, pet stores, groomers, beauty salons, and hotels for pets, where they will look after them while the owner is on a business trip or vacation, is taken into account.

The rating is also affected by the percentage of restaurants and parks that allow four-legged visitors, the number of rental apartments where you can live with pets, the ability to take public transportation with dogs, and the average summer and winter temperatures.

First place was given to London – the city with numerous parks is where to walk, there are many pet stores, convenient public transport for owners and their pets.

Paris, in second place, has a lot of beauty salons for pets. And Rome, which came in third place, was noted for the impressive number of pet stores, many of which specialize in “non-standard” apartment dwellers like ferrets or parrots.

A total of 20 cities were considered in the rating.


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