The best dog toys made in the USA

We present to you the best dog toys made in the USA.

1. Barkbox Dog Squeak Toys | 2-in-1 Interactive Toys for Chewers | Durable Tug and Fetch Toys | Stuffed Plush Toys and Balls for Small/Medium/Large DogsBarkbox

MEET PENNY THE PINEAPPLE: Luau? More like Lu-WOW. Not to skewer the girl, but Penny is not all that she seems. When your dog tears through her happy exterior, a sadder Penny is revealed. Crazy crinkle leaves only add to the drama. Spiky Ball Core! Hidden Bonus Toy!

LONGER-LASTING: This toy is designed to be destroyed, with a smaller pineapple inside to surprise your pup and make for long-lasting playtimes. Non-toxic plush from only the most high-quality manufacturers ensures that this toy is safe for all pups to play with.

ACTIVE LIFESTYLE-READY: Great for playing, fetching, or tug of war. A fun addition to your dog’s active lifestyle. Outlast and outperform other dog toys! Thoroughly-tested. Keep your pup entertained and safe during playtime with a high quality, detailed designed dog toy. Great for medium/large dogs. Perfect for bonding and relationship building.

SCOUT’S HONOR: WE CARE ABOUT YOUR PUP: If you and your fur babies would like to check in on their progress or you aren’t happy with our product, please contact us–we’re happy to offer a money-back guarantee on the product. Your dog’s welfare is our priority. Please feel free to reach out to us!

Customers say:

“I am so glad I decided to try this Bark box interactive acorn. I have a 7-month-old Husky who is a pretty aggressive chewer, and he has yet to crack it open to get the toy inside. I love the concept of a toy within a toy. So once he does finally crack it open I think it will be a nice surprise for him to find another toy instead of stuffing! (That’s a win for both of us! Lol) Overall so far seems like a great buy. I’m curious how long it will take my pup to get it torn open. Will be updating once that happens!

Update: January 11th, 2020

I ordered another bark box interactive toy. This time went with the cactus and I am so glad I did. My dog has the acorn and likes it, still hasn’t tore it open as he does within a day with his other toys. The cactus has become his new favorite toy. I will continue to buy these. Absolutely amazing dog toy! My dog is very happy and I like not cleaning up stuffing everywhere”.

“So as soon as I took it out of the box I had the urge to smell it, and I was not disappointed because of it kind of smells like pineapple/pina colada not really sure which one. Upon further inspection, I noticed there is no actual stuffing, which is good because my dog has had bad tummy aches from eating stuffing. It has two layers wrapped around a rubber ball so this toy is going to last forever. The ball squeaks and the pineapple top is crunchy.

For my dog I feel like it will be a very durable toy, the only problem that might occur is that he’s a corgi/chihuahua mix and I don’t think he will be able to pick it up from the yellow ball part because it’s too big.

I am currently 12 hours away from him at college so I won’t be able to give it to him for another 6 weeks when I go home for winter break. Hopefully, I’ll remember to update this review”.

“Penny and Consuela lasted a couple of weeks each. Our Aussie loves to carry them and shake them and throw them to chase them. They last a couple of weeks until she gets into their second layer and then they will last a day or two. I always have a replacement ready for her to have. She got the Acorn this week and he lasted about 3 hours before she destuffed him and went to play with one of the blue spike balls from Penny. If you have a playful dog these toys are great and we will continually buy them because they thrill our girl and are cute nonmessy toys. We just won’t do the Acorn again cause it was a bit disappointing, but that won’t keep us from purchasing again! We sent a Penny to our dog niece too last month when we bought our girl a replacement and her Penny has lasted a month due to only being carried around by the fronds and light fetch”.

2. ZippyPaws – Zingy No Stuffing Durable Squeaky Plush Dog ToyZippyPaws

FUN CHARACTERS – Dogs will have hours of fun playing with the adorable raccoon woodland creature

EXCLUSIVE NOISEMAKERS – Each toy includes 1 large blaster squeaker and 2 high-quality round squeakers to deliver more sound to keep your best friend entertained

DURABLE TOYS – Zingy dog toys contain no stuffing to ensure they last longer for a mess-free fun both for you and your pup

JUST THE RIGHT SIZE – This fun-filled plush is 15 inches long, the perfect size for all dogs of all life stages

UNIQUE DESIGN – Beautifully-designed, high-quality pet products for the modern dog and dog owner

Customers say:

“My dachshund – 10 years old – has never ever not ever played with a toy in his life. I bought this for my golden retriever who would like to play with it but the Dachshund grabs it away from him anytime he has it in his mouth. My dachshund is obsessed with this toy to the point where he will chew on it for so long that the squeaking drives us crazy – as a result, we have instituted a 30-minute playtime limit. The retriever will grab the toy off the shelf and hand it over to tge dachshund. I have never seen anything like it. I don’t know if it is the lack of stuffing, the size, or the tone of the squeaker, but I am ordering another one. Also going to try a few other ZippyPaws toys to see if they are as popular with my dogs”.

“My dog is nuts about this thing! He is a real chewer and wrecks any toy in a heartbeat. We try to buy the “heavy chewer” toys, but he tears those up too (he ripped up a toy made of an actual professional grade fire hose!). We started buying things that would just be easier to clean up when the inevitable happened which lead us to this toy since it has no stuffing. Oh, man. He loves this! It’s been 6 months, and this little dude is still hanging in there. Yeah, his ears are gone, the end of his tail is missing (the squeaker too), and he is a bit fragrant, but he is our dog’s favorite toy. Clearly, this raccoon is the “chosen one.” We even bought a back-up, just in case”.

“Maybe should have given a 4 1/2 but my 12-year-old 95-pound wolf-hound mix loves this critter. When I tell him to go get his toy, this is his favorite. He likes the lightweight that allows him to toss it in the air and then pounce on it with his huge jaws going for the squeaker. I like that I’m Not bending down to collect stuffing. I bought two of these 4 months ago; one for my dog with the extra to share with other dogs that might come to visit our mountain retreat. I left the two in the mountains and purchased the 3rd raccoon for play here in the city. He was thrilled to have the critter around and keeps it next to my husband’s favorite chair for instant access. So far the squeaker has remained intact…..probably the reason I gave it the 5th star. As long as he squeaks, Gogh remains devoted. This is a really well-designed toy”.

3. Outward Hound Hide-A Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy – Hide and Seek Activity for Dogs

Outward Hound Hide

HIDE & SQUEAK FUN: Fill the Hide A Squirrel dog activity puzzle tree trunk with Squirrel stuffed dog toys and let your dog sniff, hunt, and fetch them.

CUTE ANIMAL PLUSH: This dog puzzle game comes with squirrels with hidden squeakers your dog won’t be able to resist!

CHALLENGING PUZZLE: An attached trunk top makes it trickier for your dog to remove the plush stuffed toys from their home. Watch as your dog learns to nuzzle its way in to reach the prize!

BOREDOM BUSTER: Bored dogs can become chewers – however indestructible your home. This hide and seek game challenges your dog’s brain, keeping bored dogs occupied for hours!

INTERACTIVE PLAY: This plush squeaky dog toy puzzle is also ideal for interactive dog games with you – get your pet to retrieve the stuffed Squirrels, and start again!

Customers say:

“My son’s Yorkie poo stays at my place a lot, mostly because I take him to a nearby university campus, where, well-trained as he is, I can let him off-lead and chase squirrels to his heart’s content. He is obsessed with squirrels now, so we thought this would be a fun Christmas toy for him. We followed the advice of other reviewers and supervised them to try to delay the death of all the squirrels. We let him play with the tree trunk after he had rooted out all the squirrels and tried to kill them, as a dog will do. He loves the tree trunk — so much so that he makes love to it every time we let him play with it. He is nearly five years old and was neutered as a pup, and never was much for humping, but he goes after that tree trunk like a prisoner on a conjugal visit every time we set it out for him to play with. If we have guests, it’s a floor show. He doesn’t care. I’m not quite sure what to make of all this, but as long as it makes him happy”.

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“Our puppy lives to destroy. The name “Pirahna” would be more suitable for our 3-month-old “Molly”. This is a dog that eats the outside of our house. She eats rocks, the underbelly of chairs, wooden porches…nothing is safe. She is the Godzilla of small towns made of dog toys. Every toy we have gotten her lays shredded in indistinguishable ruins except this one little Squirrel House. We made bets on how long it would last — 15 seconds being the favorite choice. She doesn’t waste time searching out the squirrels in the house. No, she just shakes the house with her head vigorously and the squirrels go flying. This is her favorite toy. She carries the squirrels around like they’re her babies. Her favorite pull toy is the squirrel house and its held up better than any toy actually made to be a pulI toy. I don’t get it — but this is the Samsonite of all dog toys. I’d write more but I just saw her go through the doggie door with my recipe book”.

“I have a 1-year-old pit bull mix who is a very strong chewer. I bought this after having read many many reviews knowing that it would probably be torn to pieces but that he would love it while it lasted. I was pleasantly surprised to find that with a little bit of supervision, this toy lasted a few months. He absolutely loves this toy!

The squirrels are the perfect size for him to hold in his mouth and carry around and they’re a good size to toss around for a game of catch. If left to his own devices, he will absolutely shred this toy in about a minute. However, when we used it with him – by hiding the squirrels over and over and tossing them in the air for him to catch – and then put it away after playtime, they lasted quite a while. This toy will definitely not hold up to chewing but when used interactively and with supervision, it’s fun and will last a bit longer.

The squirrels have quite a few seams and are easy to tear apart. There’s not really a whole lot of stuff so not a huge mess but a mess nonetheless. The squeaker is just stuck in there with the stuffing with no extra reinforcement or protection so be aware of that if your dog likes to kill things that squeak. I really like that you can buy replacement squirrels and they’re not that expensive.

The tree stump itself has generally held up well, although some are tearing around the holes just from the dog shoving his nose in there over and over again. Some extra reinforcement around the openings would be wonderful and would make this last even longer.

Bottom line, I think most dogs would love this toy and if you’re willing to supervise the play this should be a must buy. However, if your dog is a heavy chewer and you’re looking for something you can leave out for them to play with at will, this is probably not the best choice”.

4. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy – Floatable Pet Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Catch, Fetch – Bright-Colored Bones for Dogs – Recyclable, Dishwasher-Safe, Non-Toxic, Made in the USA

West Paw

DURABLE DOG BONES FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS: If your pampered pooch is an aggressive chewer, then you’ll love the durable shape and bouncy, floatable material of the West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy.

DOG BONE FOR WATER OR LAND: This durable dog bone chew toy is floatable and perfect for playing catch or fetch while in the water or on land.

SAFE ALTERNATIVE TO WOOD STICKS: It’s natural for dogs to want to carry wood sticks around the yard, but this dog bone chew toy is a safer alternative for pups and senior dogs who love to gnaw.

RECYCLABLE PET TOYS: Not only do these dog bones feature bright colors to easily spot inside or out, but each dog chew toy is also non-toxic, recyclable, and Made in the USA.

DISHWASHER SAFE DOG TOYS: Easily clean this dog bone chew toy for chase and fetch games by adding it to the top rack of your dishwasher. This floatable dog bone comes with a manufacturer 100% guarantee against damage.

Customers say:

“I picked this West Paw Design Zogoflex up at a locally owned pet store at a small fraction more than on Amazon and had never heard of the brand. After asking the guy there If he had anything that would last with chewers he suggested to get this. When I felt this thing I told the guy, yeah my dog will destroy that in a day. He said and I quote ” I have had this same conversation with 100 people and I have never had one come back. But if your dog does destroy it, bring it back. I’ll refund your money” I told him I felt bad for buying it because I would be back. 4 weeks later and my dog still has it. UNREAL…He is a small dog but he loves to chew his toys and he kills those LARGE tires and ropes in a matter of 2 to 3 days. Shreds them. This thing though..Forget it…He hasn’t even dented it.

Reading the other reviews it looks like the only dogs killing these things are rots, pits, shepherds. Large dogs. For us, however, I am convinced. I even called back to the guy at the pet store and apologized for saying I would be back in 3 days to return it.

I would say if you have a smaller dog that is a chewer. GET IT…If he destroys it..send it back. 100% Guaranteed against dog damage by Manufacturer, Now that’s a classy outfit…100% folks.

5 stars from me for the West Paw Design Zogoflex. My chewer hasn’t destroyed this thing yet and if he does 100% Guaranteed! What do you have to lose?!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. I will respond. If you found my review helpful, let me know. Let’s keep making better buying decisions together. Thank you and as always Be Safe & Happy Shopping!!”

“After having this bone a month, my pit lab mix hasn’t destroyed it! Actually, he adores it. It’s the only toy he’s allowed to have upstairs/in bed because it doesn’t flake like other chew toys. It also is bouncy enough that we play fetch with it. During his downtime, he loves to chew it or just hold it between his paws.


My dog is seriously a destroyer. Of pretty much anything. This is why I’m so impressed by this bone. After a month it’s still in one piece. Awesome, versatile toy. You can see in the pictures that the only damage my pit has done to it is on the top”.

“I have three dogs – two large Goldens and a medium-sized golden mix. All are heavy chewers. Fabric toys last minutes, the fireman hose toys lasted a few hours, and let’s not even talk about the expensive chew guard toys. The longest-lasting ones I found were the ones from Outward hound and they only lasted days. While the dogs love rawhide they dislike most rubber toys and the kong toys just sat untouched.

I did not have high hopes for this toy. After all, how different from Kong could they be? The dogs have had this toy for about a week now and I just ordered another one on Amazon since they spend all day wrestling for who gets to carry this toy around. I’ve heard them gnawing at it and have yet to find a dent in it. The love that it bounces unpredictably when thrown and that it is long enough for an up-close game of tug-of-war. It does not have the slight odor that Kong toys have and perhaps that is why they prefer this one. Who knows? They are happy and so is my pocketbook!”

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