The bull scratched its back and disconnected three villages

A large farm animal decided to remove the itching on its back, scratching itself on an electric pole.

As a result, about 800 homes in three settlements were left without light, the BBC reports.

The incident occurred in the village of Chapelton, South Lanarkshire County, Scotland.

Hazel Loton, the owner of a four-year-old bull named Ron, told reporters that she found a generator and transformer lying on the road on the morning of May 7.

The woman and her husband soon realized what had happened: the bull scratched itself on the support of the power line with a voltage of 11 thousand volts. The animal, weighing more than a ton due to its innocent actions, knocked down the electrical equipment with the wires connected. As a result, not only Chapelton but also the nearby Strathaven and Glassford were left without electricity for six hours.

After the accident was over, Hazel Loton apologized to the locals for Ron. It is noted that the neighbors treated the accident with humor.

To avoid such incidents, the farm owners decided to protect the post from Ron and his massive congeners.

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