The persistent squirrel became a rope-walker for peanuts

A resourceful rodent named Rocky was clever enough to get a treat placed by a Canadian woman in a remote location.

The woman captured the process on video.

A housewife in New Brunswick tied a peanut in the middle of a line stretched between the wooden porch railing. The squirrel noticed the delicacy and immediately started thinking about how to get to it. When she realized that she couldn’t get her prey from the floor, the animal climbed on the railing and began to choose the most suitable position for the jump. However, even an incredibly accurate jump ended in failure.

The rodent immediately began to look for another way. Like an experienced rope-walker, Rocky cleverly walked to the peanut tree through a thin line, balancing on it with his tail. He grabbed the desired peanut and released it from the knot. The animal jumped down and ate it right on the veranda.

The woman noted that Rocky was a very tenacious and ambitious squirrel compared to her congeners, who often came to visit her.

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