The stolen dog returned to its owner thanks to the internet

A resident of the British city of Liverpool found a missing pet of the Akita-Inu breed while browsing animal shelter websites.

An eight-year-old dog named Missy was abducted in September 2019 from the mansion of a 29-year-old British man, Delon Pearson. The man persistently searched for his pet, but the search was in vain.

Desperate to get his four-legged friend back, Pearson began looking for a new pet on doggie shelter sites. Unexpectedly, he saw a photo of an animal that looked a lot like Missy who had disappeared.

Together with the staff at the facility, the man was able to determine that she was really in the picture.

Shelter staff told him Missy had been found in Manchester. She was abandoned, tied up next to a car wash. The dog wasn’t chipped, so it was impossible to find the owners. They started looking for a new home for her and it was only by chance that she was reunited with her old owner.

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