Traveling cat left hundreds of miles away from home

A six-year-old cat named Marshall escaped from his mistress and traveled more than 260 miles from Darwen village to Rochester city.

The black and white cat, 27-year-old Sam Spragg, a Lancashire County resident, disappeared in February 2020.

At first, the woman did not pay attention to the long absence of the animal: Marshall often ran away for a few days and always came back, having a good look in the backyard of the owner’s house or visiting the guests of the local nursing home.

A missing cat was found on May 3 in Kent County. It was picked up on the road by a 49-year-old Rochester resident Lynn Ashman. The attentive woman found a microchip in the animal. Specialists from the veterinary clinic were counting information from the device, and the British woman immediately contacted the owner of the tail traveler.

Spragg suggests that her pet could have left his home village by jumping into someone’s truck.

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