Top 10 facts about basset hounds

The Basset Hound combines the traits of a hunter with English aristocratism.

These dogs are easily recognized by their short legs and thick leather folds on their heads near their ears. At first sight, they seem to be clumsy, ridiculous laggards, which, however, is not the case. They are very large short-haired dogs, with dense, shiny hair and a powerful skeleton. Their large head is covered with folds of skin, of which there are many on the whole body of the animal.

It is an excellent hunting dog. Because of its short legs, it cannot run as fast as other dogs, but its nose can pick up even the subtlest scent. Catching a new trial, he can walk a huge distance.

Another important virtue of this breed of dog is a great love for children. Bassets will easily become friends with your whole family. However, before getting a pet, it is worth getting to know the Basset Hound breeds beforehand. For this article, we have collected some facts about basset hounds that will be interesting to know.

Interesting facts about the Basset Hound

1. Biggest Eared Dogs

Bassets are the owners of the largest ears on the planet. The Guinness Book of World Records record holder is a dog whose ears reach 2.3 centimeters in length. While walking, the dog may accidentally step on his own ear.

2. The president’s pet

A dog of this breed was given to the first President of the United States, D. Washington.

3. Difficulties of movement

Bassets are very loath to go to the bathroom outside. Because of their short legs, they have difficulty climbing stairs and crossing high thresholds.

4. Origin

The name of the breed comes from the French words “bas” – low and “hound” – hound.

5. In love with their master

Bassets do not like solitude, if the owner is away for a long time, they begin to howl uncontrollably and loudly.

6. Crow ears

Basset ears have not only aesthetic value but also a great functional value. They are a kind of funnels, collecting from the surface of the earth all the available odors, not dispersing them, but bringing them closer to their nose.

7. Favorite Classic Dogs

Bassets are William Shakespeare’s favorite dogs.

8. One of the oldest breeds

The first mention of the Basset appeared in 1585 in a book about hunting.

9. Tireless stalkers

The hunting specialty of this breed is stalking animals and working in a pack, in the past these dogs were used to hunt birds and small game.

10. The world’s best noses

These dogs have the world’s best sense of smell. They inherited this gift from their ancestor, the Bloodhound.

As you can see, bassets are not so funny dogs, as it seems at first sight Underneath their appearance of unturned oafs there is a real personality, a tireless hunter with a sharp mind, a keen sense of smell, and a noble pedigree.

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