What cat food is best for kittens?

The right food and nutrition will help your kitten grow and develop healthily.

What are the options?

The food choices for kittens alone may seem enormous and difficult to understand. But whatever your kitten’s lifestyle and health status, it’s easy to find food that’s right for her.

Kitten food is formulated with a high level of protein to help your kitten grow, along with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and iron to help strengthen her bones and teeth.

In the absence of medical contraindications, it’s up to you (and of course your fluffy friend) to make the ultimate choice between a dry or soft kitten food.

The benefits of dry kitten food

  • Dry food is easy to weigh and use; also, compared to soft food, it retains its nutritional characteristics much longer in unpacked form.
  • Dry food also helps keep kitten’s teeth healthy. Your kitten will be forced to chew dry food more actively, which will help her get rid of plaque.
  • Dry food usually consists of small pads that can be chewed up and swallowed up easily by kittens.
  • With dry food, you can measure exactly the amount of food your kitten needs – no more or less.

The benefits of wet kitten food

  • Some kittens prefer the smell and taste of wet food as it is more aromatic and much more gentle when chewed than standard dry food.
  • The added convenience of soft food is that it can be delivered in portions, so your kitten will enjoy the freshest and gentlest food each time.
  • Wet food gives your kitten extra liquid intake.

PURINA® is now one of the leaders in pet food and produces several types of dry and soft foods for kittens, each of which is the product of the latest scientific developments that allow us to successfully achieve advantages in quality, taste, and nutritional value of our products. Any owner can find the right kind of food for their kitten, regardless of age and lifestyle!

How do I feed my kitten properly?

Habit plays a special role in kittens’ lives, so you should get your kitten used to the strict daily routine as soon as possible.

Try to feed your kitten at the same time, choosing a quiet, quiet, and secluded place, as far away from the litter tray as possible.

For feeding, choose a surface that’s easy to clean or use a kitten feeding kit. Use only clean dishes, because kittens are, in fact, very demanding creatures. Some prefer shallow bowls or saucers, also, the use of such dishes will help to slow down the process of eating, which is extremely important for active and fussy kittens who eat too fast.

If you have more than one kitten living in your home, make sure that their bowls are separated and not standing next to each other, this will help you avoid conflict between kittens. If the kittens do not get along at all, you will have to organize feeding for them in different places in the house.

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