What do foxes eat in the wild and at home?

The fox is a predatory mammal that belongs to the canine family.

It is an unusually attractive predator with a long and fluffy tail. Not without reason in the old days, there were many tales with the participation of this predatory beauty.

The group of foxes includes only 11 species. The most common of them is the common or red fox.

The Red Fox is the largest representative of its genus, its weight varies from 6 to 10 kg. The length of its body (without fluffy tail) is from 60 to 90 cm. But the smallest fox is Fennec, which is 30-40 cm long and weighs not more than 2 kg.

The predator prefers to live in the steppes, tundra, forest belt, and desert. In recent years, more and more often villagers or residents of the outskirts of homes complain about the intrigues of foxes. People are not happy about this neighborhood, because the fox likes to eat pets (birds, ducks, geese, etc.). Moreover, even the presence of dogs in the house does not stop the predator.

Most foxes are found on five continents:

  • Africa,
  • Eurasia,
  • Australia,
  • North America and South America.

The coloring of the fox depends on its habitat. For example, in the steppe, you can find a gray-and-yellow fox, and in the north – a red fox. The fox’s fur has long been very valued and is considered the most beautiful, so predators began to be bred even on farms.

What do foxes eat in the wild?Fox facts

What does a fox eat? Although she belongs to the predators, her diet is very large. Of course, the basis is meat. The diet of a raptor may include more than 300 different small mammals, rodents, and birds. The diet of the fox depends on the time of year and its habitat.

What does the fox eat in winter? The most attractive type of food at this time of year is rodents. Most often, of the vole family. The fox hunting for rodents resembles the hunting of cats. The fox also applies the effect of surprise, having tracked down his prey, attacks it without a chance. This process is called mousing.

In winter, the fox carefully checks the wooded areas and riverbanks for birds; it may also eat carrion. It catches birds both small and large. It does not pass by eggs and chicks. In the forest belt, the predator likes to eat hares; if it finds a hare’s den, it destroys the entire hare clan. If it encounters a roe, it won’t pass by either. And near residential houses, it does not mind looking into the henhouse. This is such a rich diet of the fox, even in winter.

What does the fox eat in spring and summer? At this time of year, the predator eats quite densely, because at this time she has her cubs. At the end of March, the cubs are born, for a month and a half they feed on their mother’s milk. Usually, 5-6 cubs are born. By the end of April, they start to play and crawl out of their holes. The father and mother at this point already begin to pamper their babies with live food. During the period of feeding the cubs, the fox may also hunt larger birds – swans. Foxes bring rodents to the cubs to develop an appetite for the hunt.

In addition to their staple food, foxes can eat forest berries and fruits. This is usually resorted to by foxes that live in southern regions.

The diet of the fox in the desert is different. Here the predator can also eat reptiles, beetles, larvae, earthworms. Often it catches dead fish from water bodies.

In the taiga, foxes have a hard time, because there is not much food there. Small rodents and birds form the basis of their diet.

What do foxes eat at home?

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to see unusual animals in people’s homes, including animals of prey. Of course, it is recommended to have animals of prey in the house at a young age. A wild fox can be kept at home, but you should create the necessary conditions for its normal life. Including the need to pay attention to the food of the predator.

Keep the fox in an enclosure. Keeping a fox in an apartment is less convenient than in a private home. Here, a large cage will be needed where the fox can play. A box with sand is needed for the toilet. It will not be difficult to accustom the fox to such a litter box. It is necessary to let the fox out of the cage, at least when the owner is at home.

Feed it better with high-quality dog food, and for a change, you should treat the raptor with berries and fruits. But do not forget that the fox is also a predator, you can feed it with chicken giblets and cartilage.

Do not feed raw fish and bones to foxes. Young foxes are usually fed milk or dairy products. But, inbreeding such an animal at home, one should be wary of its behavior, which can be absolutely unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous even for the owner.

Thus, the diet of the fox is quite diverse. It depends on nature and living conditions, as well as on the time of year. Some people think that the fox can eat only meat, but in addition to the basic diet, it can also eat fruits and berries.


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