What do giraffes eat?

A giraffe is the highest animal on the planet Earth.

Its height is from 5 to 6 meters in height. The physique of the giraffe is arranged so that it can reach the highest tree crowns. The population of these animals can be found in the East and Southern Africa.

What does a giraffe eat in the wild?

A giraffe is an animal that is herbivorous and mainly eats leaves from trees. It eats quite a lot and can eat up to 30 kg of food per day. The main delicacy and favorite food for giraffes are acacia leaves. Although the acacia tree is prickly enough, giraffes can easily avoid them with their flexible and long tongue. If the thorn is still swallowed, it will not harm him. Because the skin of a giraffe is needle-proof and its internal organs are also well protected.

Giraffes drink quite rarely, but a lot – up to 38 liters at a time. It is very hard to bend them because of the outflow of blood, which can cause loss of consciousness. They find all the rest of the fluid in the very juicy acacia leaves.

What do giraffes at the zoo eat?

In the zoo, the menu of giraffes is more diverse than in the wild. Its diet includes leaves, grass (clover), oat flakes, hay, bananas, oranges, and carrots. There is also the food in the zoo that giraffes like to eat the most: bread. All food and water for giraffes in zoos rises to the level of their heads. This is done to make it comfortable for them.

What do giraffe kids eat?

The basis of giraffe kids in the first 3-4 months is mother’s milk. After thinning a few months, it will need to learn to eat on its own.

The gastrointestinal system of giraffes

Giraffes have a multi-chamber stomach like a cow and food in it is difficult to digest. Therefore, to fully digest, it enters into one stomach, then returns, and chewed again. This process is called “chewing gum”.

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