What do hedgehogs like to eat?

A hedgehog is a small predatory animal, a distinctive feature of which is known to thorns.

Often, these animals are tried to keep at home. Let’s try to understand what hedgehogs eat in the wild and what they can be fed in captivity.

In the cartoons we see a forest hedgehog dragging an apple or a mushroom to a mink, but in fact, in the nature hedgehogs eat animal food. Because in winter the hedgehog has to go into hibernation, during the period of awake, he needs to accumulate enough fat.

What do hedgehogs eat?

These are the inhabitants not only of forests, steppes, deserts but also of the spaces mastered by man. And it is omnivores that help them to survive in such diverse conditions. But most of all these animals prefer to be fed. The hedgehogs eat caterpillars, earthworms, amphibians, small reptiles. By the way, they perfectly spread with all kinds of poisonous insects. Also, hedgehogs eat beetles, grasshoppers, various invertebrates, slugs, snails.

These animals are immune to snake poison, their prey may be small snakes. In hungry times, hedgehogs can also eat scavengers. They eat eggs with pleasure, ruining the clutches of birds, which can reach the nests, because many species of hedgehogs climb quite well and, strangely enough, swim.

Contrary to popular belief – snakes, reptiles, mice, and frogs hedgehogs eat quite rarely, simply because it is difficult to catch these animals and they do not manage to eat such food often, only under happy circumstances. For example, if a lizard gets caught in a state of daze.

How to feed a domestic hedgehog?

If you want your pet to feel good at home for a long time, it is necessary to feed him about the food that he can find in the wild. It is necessary to understand that the food most often eaten by a person is not suitable for a hedgehog. The optimal option in today’s conditions is specialized feed, but we unfortunately with such feed may have difficulties. Food for dogs and cats hedgehog, for a permanent diet, is not suitable. Therefore, if you decide to have a pet, you will have to worry about a special menu.

Products that should be fed to the hedgehog at home:

  1. Boiled meat – chicken, beef, turkey.
  2. Chicken giblets.
  3. Berries and fruits – strawberries, raspberries, currants, pears, apples.
  4. Vegetables – carrots, cucumbers, sweet pepper, pumpkin.
  5. Raw eggs.
  6. Live insects or superworm.

Feed the animal should be strictly dosed, preventing the long accumulation of food, it will save you and your pet from possible digestive problems.

Food that should not be given to hedgehogs is what the hedgehog “does not see” in the wild:

  • Baked bakery products, everything is excluded.
  • A variety of sweets, including chocolate, absolutely everything.
  • Preservation, both store, and home, everything is excluded.
  • Exotic fruits and especially dried fruits, including grapes.
  • Nuts, seeds.
  • Different kinds of spices – onions, garlic.
  • Dairy products, everything is excluded.
  • Store meat delicacies – sausages, sausages, sausages, sausages, fat, everything is excluded.

It is a common opinion that hedgehogs love milk it is deeply wrong, milk, and like all dairy products, for hedgehogs is not useful, their body is unable to absorb lactose. However, it is also wrong to think that milk is harmful to hedgehogs and they can die from it, it’s a wild omnivorous animal, and if necessary, anything will go into food, just milk is not the food that should be given to hedgehogs.

With all, its supposedly good-natured appearance hedgehogs are predatory animals, and in his diet should be the food of animal origin. And of course, the animal must have freshwater in its cage.

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