What do llamas eat?

The llama is an animal of the family of Camelidae, and as well as a camel llama is unpretentious in eating.

Of course, in natural conditions, where the llamas live there is no camel prickle and the llama has a completely different diet. What do llamas eat? Like all herbivores, llamas eat different herbs with great pleasure. All the more so because eating even low grass is not a problem for them. They think that the fern is the favorite delicacy of a llama. Due to their relatively short legs and long neck, llamas can pinch grass standing full height and at the slightest danger, they can quickly flee.

The herbaceous plants that eat llamas have enough nutrients, trace elements, and minerals to compensate for the energy used in their daily active life. Llamas live in arid climates and they get all the liquid they need from the greens, so eating juicy foods protects their bodies from dehydration.

Depending on their age, their diet differs slightly. Young llamas prefer juicier food, which promotes their growth and normal development. Llamas are happy to eat cereal plants that have more nutrients.

What do llamas eat in nature?

Llamas are not fastidious animals, their usual food is grass and cereals growing in the mountainous areas of South America. At a time when fresh grass disappears, they switch to more accessible food, usually leaves and branches of evergreen bushes of Parastrephia and Baccharis. When none of these are missing, they eat moss or lichen and do not abandon the roots of plants.

Llama’s chewing teeth are quite powerful and they can chew not only soft fresh grass, but also dried up leaves, fruits, and even thin branches. Llama stomachs and the food they absorb is carefully digested.

Llamas have an increased ability to digest food in principle so that the animal can digest both branches and other unusual food. And since the llama is a ruminant animal, it constantly grabs and chews everything it gets.

What do llamas like to eat?

Llamas kept at home, like any other cattle, are usually fed with grass and hay. About 3 kg of hay is enough for an adult llama per day. Llamas easily get used to new types of grass, hay, and other food, so there are no problems with keeping them at home.

As an additive to hay, they are given oats or other grains, vegetables, fruits, and sometimes bread. No llama will give up the appetizing crust of bread or baton.

Scientific studies have determined that the daily food volume of a llama is between 1.8% and 2% of its weight. Domestic llamas need constant access to fresh water. Usually, two to three liters of water per day is enough for a Llama, a little more on particularly hot days.

What do llamas eat in the zoo?

Usually, this question is asked by children who go to zoos and want to feed the animals. In many zoos, it is forbidden to feed the animals, but in some zoos, they sell small bags with food allowed for feeding. Know that llamas are especially fond of cabbage, carrots, and bread.

It should be kept in mind that llamas like camels are ruminants and their mouth is almost always full of saliva, and when they do not like something, they can easily spit, and very accurately hit the face. Therefore, it is better to keep a distance from them.

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