What do tapirs eat?

What tapirs eat and other facts about tapirs.

Tapirs (lat. Tapirus) – animals that belong to the order of Perissodactyla. They are very much like a pig in appearance, but their muzzle ends in a short trunk, which is adapted to grasp.

Tapirs are herbivorous animals. Tapirs have four fingers on their front paws, and three on their hind legs. Fingers of animals have small hooves, they help them to move easily on the soft and dirty ground.

In the wild tapirs live about 30 years. Pregnancy in tapirs lasts 13 months and eventually, the female gives birth to one calf. The cubs of different species of these animals are born very similar to each other, as they have a protective color of stripes and spots.

Tapirs belong to one of the most ancient mammals. Previously, these animals were widely distributed in many places on our planet. Today, the situation is somewhat different, and now three types of tapirs live in Central America and some warm places in South America, and another species lives in Southeast Asia.What do tapirs eat

Tapirs belong to the forest animals, which love water very much. These mammals are peaceful creatures that live on land, but at the same time, they choose a place near which will be located in a lake and a river for their accommodation. Tapirs not only love to rest in the water but also use soft algae for food. In case of danger, tapirs hide from their enemy underwater.

These mammals living in forests, eat berries and fruits, as well as the leaves of some plants. Tapirs living on the territory of Brazil, very often first sink to the bottom, and then move along the riverbed and seek food at this time.

On the plain area inhabits three types of tapirs. These animals prefer to lead a twilight or nightlife. In the Andes, there is one breed of tapir. These mammals are slightly smaller than the other species and lead most of their daily life.

In the language of one of the South American tribes of the tapirs – means “fat”. This is how the local Indians called the tapir for its thick skin.

These representatives of the detachment of unpaired ungulates live in South America and south-east Asia. The animals prefer to settle near rivers and lakes in shrubs and swampy forests.

The appearance of the modern tapir has changed little in 30 million years and almost does not differ from the appearance of its ancient ancestors. This animal combines the features of a horse and a rhinoceros. Like a horse, the tapir has hooves, and some species have a small mane. Extended into the probosci’s upper lip is used to capture the leaves, aquatic plants, and juicy shoots. The whole body of the tapir is densely stocky, covered with thick short fur. Small eyes, round, sticking out to the side of the ears and short, like a chopped tail, give the animal a funny look.

Tapirs – skilled swimmers and divers, can stay underwater for a long time, escaping from persecution in a river or lake.

Tapirs do not have a certain marriage period, and they mate at any time. After pregnancy lasting 400 days, the female produces the 1st, less often 2 babies.

The life expectancy of animals is 30 years.


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