What does a squirrel’s nest look like?

The squirrels are excellent architects.

Their ability to build strong and cozy shelters made of hand-made materials can be envied. To the question of building a nest squirrel approaches responsibly, considering all possible situations that may occur in the future.

Choosing a place for a nest

A properly selected place is a pledge of safety. Therefore, the squirrel’s nest is always located at a significant distance from the ground, usually 8-15 meters. Some individuals use natural formations (hollows, crevices in the wood) for dwelling. Others build the shelter on their own from scratch, setting it at the place of trunk fork, between twigs, on dense branches. The first option is more characteristic of males. Female squirrels are more industrious and prefer to build the shelter on their own.

What does a squirrel’s nest consist of?

The animal uses tree branches, rods, sand, and clay for shelter construction. A frame is built of rods, which is fastened to each other using interlacing, bow, clay, and urine. All this is attached to the branches near the trunk. The inside of the squirrel provides shelter with moss, bark, needles, dry leaves. The beast prefers coniferous trees to set up the house.

What does a squirrel’s nest look like?

The nest of the male is a slightly arranged hollow inside, a cleft. The nest of the female squirrel is called a drey, it is shaped like an ellipse with a diameter of approximately 30 by 30 cm. The nest from the inside is carefully arranged with moss, grass, and wool. It has two entrances – the main one and the reserve one. The main one is on the side and usually leads to the nearest tree branch. The spare one is located at the top of the nest, facing the trunk of the tree. In case of danger, the squirrel leaves the house through an “emergency” exit and quickly rushes up the trunk.

The nest of the female squirrel can accommodate 3-4 animals. However, these fluffy ladies are not very hospitable and prefer to live comfortably and manage alone. Their work to create coziness in the nest never stops. The squirrel constantly brings home useful objects, throws out unnecessary ones, eliminates the resulting structural defects. They are so hardworking that they often build several nests at once so that they can live in each one of them one by one.

A squirrel’s nest reliably protects its mistress from any caprice of weather. It is warm and dry even in the harshest cold, which allows the animal to comfortably shorten the time, gain strength before working days.

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