What is cocker spaniel temperament?

English cocker spaniel is a temperamental, active, and strong dog.

A hard worker, an athlete, a hunter – if you like cocker, do not forget about it. Nobody makes you love hunting, the main thing is that he loves it. So let it have fun – let it look for a trace, let him learn to bring you things. Spaniel loves very much this game. You do not have to kill the game at all. It is enough to carry with you for a walk one-two balls. And the dog will feel needed, will enjoy the praise, and will return home peacefully. At any opportunity, run the cocker spaniel in the water. It loves water! It splashes and swims, and feels great!

This very capable dog will easily perform any of your tasks. Very smart and clever in the United States, he always takes first place in sports competitions. And in Italy, for example, cocker, primarily a hunter. You only need that he learned to stay away from the shot, to be close and not to catch, and frightened the game, not panicking from the shot itself. He is so brave and excited, that he will be stopped neither by the thicket nor by the swamp. And you do not hold him.

Another problem is the lack of movement and excess food – Cocker Spaniel is invariably obese, which inevitably spoils the character of the dog .it is not easy to say no when he looks at you through the eyes of the cocker. And it does not matter that he has just been fed by the children and has already had lunch with your spouse… Cocker Spaniel is a dog that eats once a day, but not UNSTOPPABLE! But you must stand up to this begging look. All dogs put us through this test. It is not hunger, but gluttony!

English cocker spaniel is a great breed to keep. It is not fastidious, it is not capricious, the very embodiment of fun and kindness. Short and gentle, however, full of energy. These spaniels have a great character, they do not bark much. They are smart, tender, calm, and devoted. This breed is suitable for many people, from inveterate hunters to fans just to walk. Children can play with it, but they understand its temperament. Although the cocker will never cry on the child and will be a great companion to him, still he is not a toy.

He will not be a rival, but a partner to your child, will gladly and excitedly support him in any game, helping him to grow up physically enduring (to keep up with a strong shaggy friend should be able to!), kind and responsible person. Cocker Spaniel is a smart and hardworking dog.

English Cocker Spaniel is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. And it is not accidental. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dogs.  It is a hardy hunting dog, which has the genetics to bring the game to its owner.  He is a real retriever and loves water. He is also a great domestic dog and a family companion.

He will want to sleep with you in your bed and be part of everything that your family and you do. English cocker spaniel hates to be alone for a long time. He is funny, furious, loyal, and gentle. Its tail never stops waving. The English Cocker Spaniel is a very active breed and they need daily exercise. Spaniel loves walks with the owner and will be immensely grateful to you for sharing his passion with him. The English cocker Spaniel has an amazing sense of humor and loves everyone who meets on his way.

English cocker spaniel is great with children and other pets. Do not let children be too rough with it, because they may inadvertently harm its health. After all, the cocker spaniel itself will allow them to do with themselves whatever they want.

Size of a cocker spaniel

Growth in male dogs from 38 to 43 cm, bitches from 36 to 41 cm.

Weight of male dogs 13 – 16 kg, bitches 12 – 15 kg.

The lifespan of a cocker spaniel

English cocker spaniel lives on average 12 – 15 years.

Training of cocker spaniel

English cocker spaniel is very smart and therefore, it is effortless to be trained. He learns all new commands very quickly.

Molting of a cocker spaniel

English cocker spaniel loses a certain amount of wool.

Care of cocker spaniel

It is very important to regularly brush and clean the English cocker spaniel wool. Its wool may be different. Some individual’s wool has an excessive content of cotton hair, which tend to be tangled. At the same time, other individuals may have a more silky and less tangled coat. It is also necessary to clean the ears of the cocker regularly and remove the excess hair. It also needs a periodic haircut.

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Cocker Spaniel Temperament

What is cocker spaniel temperament like? This breed of dog is one of the most popular in the world, producing one of the largest and most diverse litters. This compact, active and sociable breed is a great choice for a family. This article will help you determine what to expect of your new puppy. Read on to learn about their personalities. Then, you can decide whether they are right for you.

A Cocker Spaniel is an extremely gentle breed and is not the best choice for a guard dog. The breed will bark, but only to let you know that someone is approaching. A Cocker is known for making friends with everyone but does not like being left alone outdoors, as they can become possessive with their toys. It’s important to limit the number of toys your Cocker will get, or else they’ll develop separation anxiety.

A Cocker’s typical personality is friendly and affectionate, but it can also be aggressive. The breed is notorious for guarding food, family, toys, and other items. If you are looking for a playful, social dog, it is best to get a Cocker. This dog breed is easy to train and has a friendly disposition. When you get to know your Cocker, you’ll be a better owner and can enjoy life together.

Some Cocker Spaniels are overly submissive. This can lead to excretory behavior, but it is not dangerous if you take your dog away from it. If your Cocker Spaniel is displaying these signs, you’ll be able to correct them and keep your home free of a fearful environment. Once the dog has mastered these behaviors, your new pet will be happy and social.

The Cocker is a handsome breed. Its thick, sometimes wavy coat is a perfect choice for dogs because it can be easily brushed with your hand. The coat is long on the head and ears, but short on the body and legs. The coloration of a Cocker Spaniel depends on what you choose. If you want a fluffy, happy dog, it is wise to invest in a dog’s patterned coat.

A Cocker Spaniel’s temperament is a complex one. While it may seem happy and playful, it can be stubborn and possessive. It can be aggressive towards others. A Cocker Spaniel will never show this type of behavior, but if it tries to protect its territory, it will attack and kill them. It will also guard its own food. This type of behavior is a sign of food aggression.

In general, this breed is good for training. However, it is important to remember that this breed of dog is highly sensitive and can be destructive if it is not handled properly. For example, if you have a Cocker Spaniel puppy, you should never put food in your hand without the permission of its owner. It will be dangerous if it is abused. If you don’t want your Cocker to hurt other people, don’t leave the dog alone.

This breed is athletic, alert, and obedient. It is a very loyal and devoted dog that can become possessive when he or she gets a hold of a chew toy. But, unlike some other breeds, the Cocker Spaniel can be fierce and can be very protective of the toys he finds in his home. So, never try to take your dog’s toy away from him, as it can be dangerous.

You should also be aware of your dog’s food guarding behavior. If your dog guards food, don’t force him or her to stop eating it. It is not a sign of a more aggressive dog. It can be a sign of a serious disease or a common problem with its food. Then, it’s a good idea to take your Cocker to the vet if you notice that your puppy is showing signs of food guarding.

This breed is a great pet for the family. It’s easy to train and is gentle and friendly, but it does not bark very much. It is a great companion for children and is good with other pets. A Cocker spaniel is a good choice for families with young children. It is not aggressive, but it is very loving and very loyal. This breed is not recommended for people who have allergies, as it can have serious health issues.

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