What is the lifespan of peacock?

If we organize a beauty contest among birds, there is no doubt that the first place will be taken by a peacock.

It is this bird that surprises us with its inimitable beauty and splendor, the richness of its decoration.

Even from the photo of the peacock, you can judge its charm, but you will get much more impressed from looking at this bird with your own eyes. It is hard to imagine that this majestic bird is the closest relative of an ordinary domestic chicken, which has no “zests” in its appearance.

An ordinary chicken has no chic plumage and unusual color, they do not stand out for their charm and beauty, but the peacock is a unique bird. But all the same, the fact of kinship is pure truth.

The main and distinctive feature is the peacock’s chic fan-shaped tail. It should be noted that only males have long and unique beautiful feathers of the tail. Female representatives have a less chic tail, it looks much more modest, as it is devoid of drawing, and the feathers themselves are somewhat shorter.

While males have upper covering feathers have a characteristic pattern in the form of “eyes”. Peacock feathers can be painted differently, mainly in green, blue, and sandy red shades.

But there are also species in which feathers are painted in pure white. Such a pattern and color is very important in the life of a peacock, as it plays no small role. First of all, it is used as a protection and deterrent. When a male notices an impending danger in the form of a predator, he unleashes his tail. A huge number of “eyes” confuses the attacker.

The tail is used in another important business, namely, to attract the attention of a partner during the marriage period of birds. This plays an important role in increasing the number of offspring and species conservation.

The color of the bird’s body itself is also different by gender. Females naturally received gray and brown plumage, while males have a complex and brighter color, saturated with flowers.

Character and lifestyle

Peacocks are distributed in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal. Javanese peacocks are found in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Southern China.

For their residence, peacocks choose the area covered with bushes or forests. Often, you can notice that peacocks settle near people. This is because they eat seeds of agricultural plants.

Peacocks choose their habitat very carefully, and their choice is influenced by several factors, such as the proximity of a water source, the presence of tall trees, where in the future peacocks could spend the night, and so on.

Most of the time, peacocks spend on the ground. They move quite quickly, and the tail is not a hindrance in overcoming various obstacles from the thickets of grass or shrubs. By the nature of peacocks can not be called brave and brave birds, on the contrary, they are very shy and, if possible, flee from any danger.

Peacocks have a sharp and piercing voice, but you can hear it most often only before the rain, even during the wedding dance peacocks remain silent. But recently scientists have discovered that peacocks communicate with the help of infrasound signals, which are inaccessible to the human ear.

It is not yet clear what exactly birds transmit to each other in such an unusual way, but there are suggestions that they warn each other about the danger.

Reproduction and lifespan

The marriage period begins at the peacocks in April and lasts until September. At this time the peacock is very beautiful and proud of itself, at this time its tail is simply luxurious. It can reach 2,5 meters in width and when a bird blows it, you can hear an unusual crack of feathers’ rods.

After the marriage period, the peacocks begin to cast and lose their delightful birds.  The peacock shows off its tail in front of the females, who in turn run away to look at it. Around the male, there are usually about five females.

As soon as the female shows her readiness to mate, the male peacock changes its behavior dramatically.  The peacock stops showing its magnificent tail turns away and makes a calm and disinterested look. After some confrontation, the pair still converges and mating takes place.

The female lays usually from 4 to 10 eggs.  After a month, the chicks are born, which are helpless at first, but they grow fast enough and gain strength not by days but by hours. But already from the first days, males from one brood are fighting for leadership among themselves, so they are preparing for adult life.

Chic feathers, which are the main advantage of birds, begin to appear only after three years of life, at this time comes their sexual maturity and they are ready for reproduction. Peacocks live about twenty years, it is quite a lot for birds from this family.

Meal of the peacock

Peacocks are often raised as domestic birds, in principle it is not surprising, because the care and nutrition for them are the same as for chickens. The main food for these luxurious birds is cereals.

That is why in the wild peacocks are settled near the land where agricultural products, in particular cereal plants, are grown.

They also eat berries, young shoots, and small twigs. Peacocks and invertebrates can be eaten, sometimes they will eat small rodents or even snakes. This diet helps peacocks to lead an active lifestyle.

Also, peacocks can not do without water, which their body needs no less than food, so the source of water must be close to the peacocks’ home.

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