What is the rabbit diet?

They feed rabbits usually “rabbit food”, which is sold in the pet store.

Now the choice of feeds is very diverse. There are different manufacturers, different volumes, respectively, different prices. So rabbits just need to give hay. Hay must be present in the rabbit diet. Very often I have heard: “my rabbit does not eat hay”. If the same pattern occurs with your rabbits, then try to give less dry food.


When you buy hay in the pet store, be sure to pay attention to it. It should not smell like mildew and should not be too dirty.

The rabbit has a very sensitive stomach, always remember that! Do not abruptly change the food. If you decide to transfer it to another food, then do it gradually, adding to the old food on spoons of new food, the next day 2 spoons of new food, etc. If you see that your rabbit wears, then limit the rabbit in juicy food and let only hay until it will not poop again normally.


Water should always be present at the pet rabbit. It is very convenient to use a special bottle, which is attached to the side of the cell. The water should be changed every day to make it fresh.

Vegetables and fruits

From juicy fruits and vegetables, rabbits are very fond of carrots, apples. You should not give the rabbit fresh white cabbage, because it causes the rabbit stomach obstruction and bloating of the stomach, from which the rabbit can die.


Rabbits are just crazy about parsley and dill. So very fond of dandelions and plantain, but remember to give too much not to give, it can cause diarrhea in your animal. It is recommended to dry the grass so that it is not so juicy. Summer grass should be collected away from the roads, where there is no dust and dirt from cars. Be sure to wash it and not to give any damaged leaves.

You can also give a rabbit twigs from fruit trees, rabbits just love to chew them.

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