Which cat breed lives the longest?

When choosing a future cat breed, many owners ask, “How long can my cat live?”

Well, everything depends on the specific case. The breed can play a role in the longevity of an animal, but no less important is its weight. Diet, lifestyle, neutering, and spaying, the environment – all these have a direct impact on how long each cat can live. Given this, it is difficult to predict anything. However, there are some breeds of cats known to have a long life. Let’s take a look at the longevity of these cats.

How many years do Persian cats live?

The average life expectancy of Persian cats is 15 years. Cats of this breed have good health and are not subject to most diseases. Persians are perfect “tame” cats with surprisingly kind character. They are lovers to lie idle for hours and watch what is going on around them. The only difficulty that arises with Persians is the need for careful care of their long, thick coat.

How many years do Oriental Shorthair cats live?

Oriental Shorthair cats are real short-haired longevity. They can live longer than 15 years. Oriental Shorthair cats and cats are very active, mobile, energetic. These friendly creatures will appeal to all family members. They have good immunity, they are more playful and faster than cats of other breeds. On the Pets Inform portal, you can find other interesting facts about Oriental Shorthair cats.

How many years do Siamese cats live?

Usually, Siamese cats live for about 15 years. However, there are known cases when such cats lived quietly for up to 20 years. Siamese cats have good health, their body is resistant to diseases, they adapt perfectly to home life – indoor life. Usually, cats of this breed do not suffer from obesity, they are active and graceful.

How many years does the Egyptian Mau live?

Although their average life expectancy is less than 15 years, Egyptian Maus can often live to almost 18-19 years. Natural health and resistance to disease make this breed in demand. Egyptian Mau is grace, beauty, and strength. They have an athletic physique and very friendly disposition, they get along well with people. Egyptian Mau has an interesting distinctive feature – it is the only pet cat breed with a spotty color.

How many years do Russian Blue Cats live?

By life expectancy Russian Blue Cat is similar to Egyptian Mau – living on average 15 years, they still can last up to 18-19. Russian Blue Cat is known for its timidity, restraint, and cautious attitude towards people. They are too sensitive to loud sounds, so it is not recommended to keep them in families with small children. However, if such a cat fell in love with its owners, it becomes very playful, active, and affectionate. The Russian Blue Cat is the embodiment of elegance and grace. The health of this breed from nature is very good, however, starting from the age of 8-9, the animal should still undergo an annual examination.

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