Which hawk is the largest?

The Northern goshawk – Accipiter gentilis – is the largest representative of the family of hawks in the forests of North America.

The Northern goshawk has a length of 48-68cm, wingspan 96-127cm, males weigh 520-1200g, females – 800-2000g. The top of this hawk is monotonous, gray or gray-brown, the bottom is light with dark transverse ripples, fluffy tail is white, monotonous. White wide eyebrows almost converge at the back of the head and contrast with the dark cap and a strip through the eye. The throat, chest, and abdomen are white in grey speckles.

Short curved wings allow the bird to reach a high speed in a short time. After that, a hawk, folding its wings, the bullet penetrates the tree crowns and undergrowth at a speed of up to 56 kilometers per hour.

Northern goshawk has a high ringing voice, a mating cry is a vibrating “keeyaa”.

Northern goshawk occurs infrequently. It is possible to find out this bird only in forest areas.

The northern goshawk is the only hawk that is common in the western and eastern hemispheres.

It hunts birds, from sparrows to wood grouse and geese, sometimes catches squirrels and hares.

They nest even under the snow cover, often occupying the nests of other birds. Fresh green twigs woven into the edge of the nest structure are typical. In the nest, the birds are careful.

Northern goshawks, especially large females, are popular as catching birds.

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