The Cutest Animals Of The World

Camilo Walker

Today we will show you the cutest animals of the world. Usually, what is tasty is harmful to your health. The same is true for animals. The most beautiful animals are dangerous for people. But still, they are beautiful. Let’s see…

1 White Lion

For the first time, it became known about white lions in the XX century, before that there were only legends as a mythical beast living in South Africa. But this species is rare, only in the 1970s White lions specially bred in captivity. This was done for shooting because such a trophy was considered very rare and expensive.

White lions are very large and beautiful, but few people know that the white color means the disease of leukemia, which just makes their color white. That is why white lions can not be called albinos because the pigmentation of the skin and eyes is all right.

2 Siberian Tiger

The Siberian Tiger is considered one of the rarest tiger species; it is a northern tiger with a cold climate. He lives in the southeast of Russia along the Amur River in Khabarovsk and was named after the river. Another tiger may be called Ussurian, after another river in Khabarovsk, or Far Eastern.

The Siberian Tiger differs from other subspecies by its large size and thick wool, as well as it is lighter in shade. This is the only subspecies of tiger, which has a fat layer on his stomach about 5 centimeters. Also, they can see 5 times better in the dark than humans and hunt more often at night than during the day.

3 Black Panther

Black panther is called Leopard and Jaguar, which have a mutation of the black gene. More precisely, the prevalence of black over other colors due to “melanism”. Both black leopard and black jaguar are equally beautiful and attractive with their unusual appearance.

Black panthers live in southern and south-eastern Asia. By the way, they can not be called a separate subspecies, as the Black Jaguar and Black Leopard are different, separate species. Back in the early XX century, it was very rare to meet such a cat, but now there are so many beautiful animals in the world.

4 Arctic Wolf

The Arctic wolf lives throughout the Arctic and Tundra. In some Arctic regions, there is no light for 5 months and wolves can safely endure months without light and weeks without food.

The most amazing thing is that they adapt to the harsh conditions better than any other wolf species. Arctic wolves inhabit one of the most barren areas of the Earth. Where in April the temperature very rarely rises above -30 ° C.

5 Snow Leopard

The snow leopard or otherwise Irbis belongs to the family of cats and is found in Central Asia. The snow leopard has several unique differences from the others in the cat family. It has a flexible and long body, short legs, a small head, and long tail. It also has a long coat, which protects it from even the most fierce frosts.

Back in the XX century, Snow Leopard was included in the Red Book of Russia and other security documents of other countries. This species is considered extinct due to habitat difficulties and the low density of the species. Scientists have not yet investigated many aspects of these leopards.

6 Dolphin

Few people know, but these beautiful creatures dolphins belong to the family of suborder tooth whales, cetacean mammals. Whales are not only harmless to humans but also ready to help in emergencies. This is because their brain has sympathy and social mind.

The average life expectancy of a Dolphin is 25 years. They communicate with the help of sound pulses and ultrasound, the stock of sound signals is about 14 000 thousand. The most amazing thing is that they use some sounds as needed. For example, when communicating with a person, they use unique signals that can be easily perceived by the human ear.

7 Giant Panda

The giant panda, a very nice creature, which is a mammal from the family of bears with a peculiar dye of wool. Most of these creatures live in the mountainous regions of China. And somewhere in the middle of the XX century, the panda became a symbol for China.

On average, the panda reaches 1.5 meters and has a mass of 100 kg. Unlike other bears, the panda has a long tail, about 10 cm. The body is covered in thick white fur with black spots around the eyes, black ears, and black paws. The hind legs have sharp claws and on the soles of each finger, there are well developed bare pads to hold the smooth bamboo stalks.

8 Lemur

Lemurs are found only in Madagascar and Comoros. They lead a predominantly nightlife, usually sleeping during the day. They are also divided into 65 different species, dwarfs are weighing 30 grams, and large ones that weigh up to 10 kg.

Lemurs are a unique group of animals because with their diversity of species they live only on two islands. Thus, all lemurs are endemic and very vulnerable. The places where lemurs usually live are different types of forests and jungles.

9 Orca

Orca – sea mammals, which are difficult to be trained by humans. This amazingly beautiful creature can pose a threat to humans, the British call it the “Whale Killer”, because of its family of cetaceans, as well as the danger on their part.

Orcas are the largest carnivorous dolphins, which differ from other black and white coloring. White spots on the sides are slightly above the eyes (white spots are not eyes). They also have massive teeth, up to 13 cm long, adapted to the rupture of large prey. They live all over the world’s oceans and there are species of all black or all white, which looks amazing.

10 Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise (Paradisedae) is a relative of our raven and there are both small and large species. At the moment there are more than 50 different species of these beautiful birds that live in Australia, except for one that lives on the island of Madagascar.

All species of birds of paradise have a strong beak, sometimes it is long, as short and straight tail or long staggered. The feathers are dark, but some species are colored in bright colors depending on the habitat. Males are usually brighter in color than females and it is amazing to watch the dancing of these birds with a magnificent plumage.