Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The World

Amelia B

The animal world of our planet is very diverse. There are also dangerous animals such as lions and tigers. There are also peace-loving animals, which, at first glance, do not seem to pose a threat. At the same time, according to statistics, most deaths are due to “non-hazardous” animals. We present to you the top 10 most dangerous animals in the world.

#10: Rhino

Photo by Casey Allen on pexelsPhoto by Casey Allen on pexels

A lazy and clumsy beast. The rhino attacks any suspicious object, and since it can’t see well, any moving object can become a victim. He punches the victim with a horn and tramples it until he is sure it will not disturb him anymore. You can’t run away from a rhino – it runs at 40 km per hour.

#9 Africanized bee

Photon by Pixabay on pexelsPhoton by Pixabay on pexels

These bees are a hybrid of African and European bees. The result is a much larger and more aggressive individual. Killer bees possess very toxic poison, can target people, and chase the victim for several kilometers.

#8: Tsetse fly

It is a carrier of one of the most dangerous diseases – sleeping sickness. At first, the bitten person suffers from headaches, itching, and fever. Then neurological problems begin. The disease is fatal. Fortunately, the number of victims of tsetse fly is decreasing every year.

#7: Rowing crocodile

Photo by MaKeleLele on wallherePhoto by MaKeleLele on wallhere

The largest of the crocodiles. As soon as he sees a living creature in his territory, he rushes into an attack. Its powerful jaws will crush any animal.

#6: Tree Frogs

Image from www.johnmartellphotography.comImage from

It’s a whole series of frogs that are very brightly colored. Their skin produces a very powerful poison, which at the slightest touch enters the bloodstream and causes heart rate disorders. Then the heart stops.

#5: Snail cone

Photo by LINDA CRAMPTON on owlcationPhoto by LINDA CRAMPTON on owlcation

A small snail with a very bright sink, which every respectable collector wants to have. Only if the snail notices a man, it will inject poison into him. The poison is so strong that before he dies a man can only smoke a cigarette.

#4: Hippopotamus

Photo by caveman on wallpapercavePhoto by caveman on wallpapercave

That cute clumsy beast is very aggressive. If you scare him while he’s on land, he’ll run into danger and crush the brave man with his three-ton carcass. At the same time, his thick skin is very hard to penetrate. In the water, he’s even more dangerous. Huge tusks can easily snack on a crocodile.

#3: Elephant

Photo by Pixabay on pexelsPhoto by Pixabay on pexels

Elephants are usually calm and peaceful. But during the breeding season, they become aggressive. Hand-held elephants at this time direct their aggression at people who once offended them because elephants can remember the offense. And wild elephants attack anyone who dares to approach them. Then the elephant will either trample or tusk through them.

#2: Box jellyfish

Photo by Pawel Kalisinski on pexelsPhoto by Pawel Kalisinski on pexels

It’s a small, almost transparent jellyfish with a cubic dome the size of a tennis ball. When bitten, it produces a poison that paralyzes the heart muscle. It is particularly dangerous in spring and autumn when it gathers off the coast of Australia.

#1: Mosquitoes

Photo by Jimmy Chan on pexelsPhoto by Jimmy Chan on pexels

The most dangerous animal in the world has neither claws nor fangs, but millions of deaths are in its account. Mosquitoes carry many dangerous diseases: malaria, tularemia, Zeke’s, yellow fever. All these diseases are fatal.

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