26 Interesting Facts About Lions

Charlotte Green

The lion is a huge African cat, strong and graceful. In the wildlife lions live only in African savannahs, but their population is decreasing year by year due to their widespread extermination by poachers and locals who protect their cattle from attack. Despite the measures taken to protect lions, the number of these predators is decreasing from year to year. We will tell you interesting facts about lions.

Interesting lion facts

Photo by Mika Brandt on UnsplashPhoto by Mika Brandt on Unsplash

1.The size of the lion’s heart concerning the size of the body is the smallest of all members of the cat family.

2.The lion is the second-largest cat in terms of size, the palm of the championship in this category belongs to the tiger.

3.One and a half thousand years ago, lions were also hunted in Europe but were ruthlessly exterminated.

4.Lions are very lazy. A satiated lion will be removed only in case of danger, or to get into the shadows.

5.Lions hunt more often than lions, supplying most of their prey to their pride. But male lions always take part in the hunt for large prey like buffalos, as lions with such animals can simply not cope.

6.During the pre-mating period, lions mate up to a hundred times a day. The pre-mating period lasts about a week.

7.Griva in males, as well as the ability to growl fearfully, appears at around the age of two years.

8.In contrast to tigers, lions are often hunted at night.

9.Lions never chew meat, swallowing it in large pieces. They only use their teeth to rip their prey apart.

10.Newborn lions weigh about one and a half pounds.

11.During hot periods, lions spend up to twenty hours a day in their sleep.

12.Lions are the only members of the cat family who prefer not to live alone.

13.The Lion Pride changes its location several times a month so that the accumulated smell cannot attract potential enemies.

14.The attack of the Lion Pride ends in one of three cases.

15.At the age of two or three, the young males are driven out of the Pride.

16.In one meal, an adult lion can absorb up to 30 kilos of meat.

17.In the wild, lions live on average for fifteen years. In captivity, they live about twice as long.

18.In rare cases, lions can cross with tigers, but the resulting hybrid is likely to be infertile and unable to have their offspring.

19.The wool in an adult lion’s mane can be as long as forty centimeters.

20.Lions with a dark mane can bear the heat worse than their more light-loving brethren.

21.Lions weigh about half as much as lions. An adult lion often weighs up to 250 kilograms.

22.The extinct cave lion, which inhabited the territory of modern Siberia, was the largest member of the family of cats that ever walked on our planet.

23.The lion’s pride attacks any prey it deems promising. Sometimes even elephants are attacked by lions.

24.About twenty percent of lions live to adulthood.

25.In fights for territory, male lions often die. Females never take part in these fights.

26.An adult lion’s claw can be as long as 7 centimeters.

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